lascaux-hunters.jpgART HISTORY TEST 1 | Ancient; Paleolithic, Egypt, Greece, Rome


Create your own "cave painting" with finger paints which represents you and/or something you hope to do, be, or have in your future. If you were an animal, what animal would other people say you are? If you could be any animal you wanted to, what animal would you be? What attributes does that animal have that you wish you had?

  • Aesthetics
  • Art Production
    • Medium
    • Pigment
  • Art Criticism
    • Aesthetic Scanning
    • Description
    • Analysis
    • Interpreting
    • Assessment/Judgement
  • Art History
    • Lascaux Cave Paintings
    • Cave of the Bulls
    • Paleolithic
    • Tomb of Ramose
    • Tomb of Nebamun
    • Parthenon
    • “Achilles Kills Penthesilea” Greek vase by Exekias
    • Pompeii (painting from) “The Baker and His Wife”