ART HISTORY TEST 10 | Modernism

  • SLIDE SHOW 10 | Modernism

  • VIDEO- Sister Wendy Beckett's the Story of Painting>
    Episode 7 -A New Pair of Eyes


Create a Romantic-style painting of a person, place, or scene...

  • Aesthetics

  • Art Production
    • Tenebrism

  • Art Criticism
  • Art History-
    • Paul Cezanne “Ginger Jar and Fruit” and “Self-Portrait”
    • Pablo Picasso “Child with a Dove”, “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”, & “Nude in a Garden”
    • Henri Matisse “The Beasts of the Sea” (“Les Betes de la Mer”)
    • Wassily Kandinsky “Painting with White Border”
    • Piet Mondrian (any geometric paintings)
    • Salvador Dali “Persistence of Memory”
    • Paul Klee “Fish Magic”

  • YOUR TURN: Create some “Modern” Art;
    • Post-Impressionist still life, boiled down to 5 basic forms, like Cezanne
    • Cubism like Picasso
    • Fauvism, or Cut-Paper, like Matisse
    • Improvisation or shapes, inspired by music, like Kandinsky
    • Pure Geometric Composition, like Mondrian
    • Surreal! Like Dali
    • or... Primitive, mystical and childlike, like Klee